a couple of weeks ago I received a packet of drawings from Loving Start Preschool, in Vidor, Texas. The letter (dictated to Mrs. Mary) said, We really enjoyed Digger and Daisy go to the Zoo. Hailyn says, "We like the book a lot." Ellanor says, "We like the part where Digger spits out the water." Bryanat says, "We also like the flamingo that you drew!" Everyone agrees that they like all the pictures that you drew.

I was so impressed by their careful reading of the book, their thoughtful review and their amazing drawings! I couldn't always read their signatures (they are in preschool and I didn't learn to write until fairly recently), so I aplogize for not labeling them with their names. Thank you, Loving Start kids and Mrs. Mary! And thank you Judy Young for writing the Digger and Daisy series!