On the left: Me in junior high (that's what they called Middle School back then). On the right: Derrick, who is me. Since I draw him, I can make him cuter than I really was.

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This is me when I was in elementary school. I was told I could grow up to be anything I wanted, so at this time of my life, I believed I could grow up to be a polar bear. Still a bit disappointed.

I grew up in Southern California drawing on every piece of paper I could find, especially my math homework. I kept at it until somebody finally published my books. 

Now I live in Port Townsend, waaaay out on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State with my sweet wife Vicki, Bennie the dog, and Max, who pretty much stays in his urn.

I teach picture book illustration and graphic novels for teens (and adults!) My favorite color is dog and my favorite vegetable is peanut butter.

If you write me an email or send me a picture you drew, I promise to write you back.


Dana Sullivan Writer/Illustrator  •  danajsullivan@comcast.net  

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