February 11, 2017 (my birthday!)

"Dead Max is drop-dead funny!"
Dav Pilkey, best-selling creator of Dog Man and Captain Underpants

Dana takes things to the MAX! He's drummed up some super
​funny and heartfelt beats in this book! Rock on!
Ben Clanton, Eisner Award-winner and bestselling creator of
​Rot and the Narwhal and Jelly books
Drop Dead Max Two combines a band, a comic con and a mission to
save a posse of pets. How could it go wrong? Fun and funny at every turn!
Kelly Milner Halls, bestselling author of Cryptid Creature Field,
​Death Eaters, Gross Science Projects, and In Search of Sasquatch

I died laughing reading Dead Max and so will you! Do I smell pizza?
Trudi Trueit, author of the bestselling Explorer Academy series.

Every socially-isolated cartoonist kid needs an invisible friend. Derrick has found his in his dead dog Max. After dying in a street accident, Max’s ghost helps Derrick out of every dreaded middle-school mess imaginable. It’s all hilarious, irreverent and uncomfortably familiar. It makes me think that if, in another life, I ever have to do that adolescent nightmare time again, I’ll wish for a dogly dog like Max to comfort and advise me. 
David Small, Caldecott-winning author of Home After Dark, Stitches, Bloom and a bunch more 

So, Max is still dead? LONG LIVE MAX.
or (to give Max a little class with some Latin)
Max semper nobiscum: Max always with us (thankfully)
Vince Vawter, Newbery Honor-winning author of Paperboy and Copyboy
I don't read books about dead dogs. But Dana Sullivan's Dead Max series is the exception to that rule. Max has the perfect blend of humor, heart and snark, everything you'd want in a dead dog.

Dori Hillestad Butler, Edgar Award-winning, best-selling author of The King and Kayla series, The Haunted Library series, the Buddy Files series, and many more!

Dead Max rocks middle school! Four Paws Up for Dead Max! 
Kirby Larson, NYT bestselling and Newbery Honor author of Hattie Big Sky, Liberty, Audacity Jones to the Rescue and many more.

Dead Max is not only pawsome, it’s DRAWsome! This wonderfully illustrated dog tale (see what I did there?) takes me right back to my school days…really! Instead of getting my work done this morning, what am I doing? I’m enjoying my Dead Max comix, and you will, too!
Robert Pizzo, children’s book author/illustrator and former studio assistant to Will Eisner. YES! THAT Will Eisner!

That's right! Dead Max 2 is already in the can (or urn) and I'm working on #3!

The kids go to Comic-Con! I work in photoshop and draw my initial sketches in blue, then draw over them in black when approved.

He was my inspiration while on this earth and inspires me still from his urn .

December 22, 2016 (I'm not doing too well with the 'every Friday' thing)

What real-live people have been saying about Dead Max!

Sneak Peek at Dead Max 2!

Dead Max Comix 1: The Deadening  is AVAILABLE to order from your local, indie bookstore (they LOVE to order books!) or from Lerner Publishing.

Dead Max Comix 2: The Rocking Dead, is done and at the printer, scheduled for release September 2020.

I am busily at work on Dead Max Comix 3: Bully for You! Stay tuned!

November 19, 2016 (okay, I'm late, sue me)

November 27, 2016 (late - Thanksgiving leftovers?)

Derrick                              Kim                               Keisha                                       Doug                 Max

December 28, 2016 (I'm early!)


1995 - 2009

October 21, 2016

October 28, 2016

November 4, 2016

Max was originally my son, Kyle's, dog. Then he became mine. He hangs out in my studio now.

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